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Double click to learn with Madisonne Lang.

Madisonne has set a new standard in the Hair Game and she wants to not only tell you but show you all her secrets she's picked up along the way.




This is not a crash course. Sure, you can YouTube all day, try your best - your'e not going to take home what Madi is going to teach you. You are going to go home with peace of mind that you reign supreme with some of the best in hair. This Course is more than hair, this is REAL LIFE and we want to set you up on the winning team. Be the light - LOVE. LIGHT. MAGIC. 




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Don't get lost in 'how it should be'

@ THE ACADEMY - We Love to Break rules and fly our own path. 

With by far THE BEST educators from around the world its no reason that THE TOP stylists from around the world are RAVING about THE ACADEMY - Put on by seasoned vets of the hair game Owner Madisonne Lang and team put you in the forefront of where you want to be when you set out to be the best.